School Based In-service Program

Madam Kunzang did SBIP on inductive and deductive and about the good practices of Royal Academy.
Deductive is a teacher centred approach to present content and inductive make use of student noticing and the teacher presents students with examples showing how the concept is used. On a day-to-day basis, we probably rely more on inductive reasoning than deductive reasoning and it is even more when personal experience is rich.
VP presented on common mistake we make while speaking and writing dzongkha language and then the grammar.
Mr. Karma Wangchuk did on Reflective Teaching as an innovative approach. A reflective teaching is a process where teachers think over their teachings for better learning outcomes.
A reflective approach to teaching involves change in the way we usually perceived teaching and our role in the process of teaching.
Teachers who explore their own teaching through critical reflection develop change in attitude and awareness which they believe can benefit their professional growth as teachers, as well as improve the kind of support they provide their students.

By Mr. Karma Wangchuk
Academic Secretary