Principal and Vice principal


  • To enhance the quality of education through creative, co-operation and constructive supervision.
  • Required to work towards creating a culture of continuous improvement and learning in our school.
  • To create a rich and supportive environment for students
  • To see that all the activities are well planned.
  • Distribute the responsibilities according to the interest and aptitude of the teachers.
  • To set sound management system by strictly following SSATs and SIP.
  • To encourage sound relationship amongst teachers, teacher-student, and teacher and parent
  • To encourage voluntarism in the school
  • To make adequate budget allotment for different activities
  • To ensure transparency in all aspects of management
  • To ensure timely correspondence of official matters
  • To make annual report to the concerned authority

Vice Principal

  • Run the school in absence of Principal
  • Maintain staff attendance and leave records of the staff members
  • Providing general guidance to staff and students
  • Maintaining students� personal records
  • Providing academic supervision and guidance
  • Coordinating SBIP, PTA and other programmes
  • Organizing staff meeting and other activities
  • Maintaining discipline of students
  • Prepare TOD list.
  • Coordinating/Organizing games and sports activities
  • Supervising morning social work and SUPW on Saturdays