Toppers Tour, 2023


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“Toppers Tour” is one of the good practices of SJHSS. It is initiated with the aim to reward toppers for academic excellence, celebrate hard work and motivate them to continue excelling hereafter. School also aims to motivate other students to strive for excellence as well and instill a sense of competition.

The tour started with a visit to Twelve Enlightened activities at Mukazor, Wamrong. After the refreshing evening visit to Mukazor, they moved to Tashistshe HSS. Team Tashitshe HSS wholeheartedly welcomed toppers despite late reporting because of travel sickness. It was an enriching experience for the toppers to witness a singing competition, taste the hostel meal and spend a night in the hostel. Thank you the Principal, staff and students for their kind hospitability.

Toppers then travelled to Kanglung and visited Sherubtshe College campus. They also visited Kanglung Dratshang and Younphula Monastery. A visit to a monastery gave them a transformative experience that helped them connect spiritually and learn important spiritual values.

The Tour was a resounding success in achieving its objectives of rewarding and motivating the academic achievers while also providing them with valuable experiential learning opportunities. The school intends to continue with this practices in the future as a means of recognizing and nurturing the talents of its students.

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